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Chronic illnesses, in the form of autoimmune disease and other degenerative conditions, are sweeping the country and the world. If Baby Boomers take the time to think about this progressively disastrous situation...they should come to the conclusion that when they were children these diseases were either very rare or did not even exist. Something has changed and we desperately need to discover what that "something" is.

The pharmaceutical based medical system does not appear to be looking for causes of disease and in is becoming increasingly obvious that they are actually preventing causes and cures from being shared with the public. Yes...poor diet, processing of food, depleted soil, and chemicals in the environment are playing a role in this decline in world health, however,  respected scientists have discovered pathogenic microbes that may be playing a central or supportive role in the real plagues we are currently experiencing. Media/ government propaganda is leading us to think that acute diseases , such as Ebola, West Nile Virus, SARS, Anthrax, Swine Flu...etc are our biggest concerns, but in reality it is the slowly disabling diseases, which can eventually even result in cancer, that are our biggest threats. We are being psychologically primed to focus on the "media scare diseases" instead of the real issues.

Through extensive and meticulous research, molecular biologist, Judy Mikovits, discovered a retrovirus present in many Chronic Fatigue patients, Lyme disease patients, Autism patients and also in many other segments of the autoimmune and chronic illness population. Was her research promoted and expanded on by others or was it aborted and covered up? Is disease being allowed to pass through the population for profit and possible population reduction? I think many factors are involved.

 As a result of Mikovits's research and refusal to compromise her values of honesty and integrity, she was jailed and basically stripped of her respected status in molecular biology. This is not just happening to her but to other scientists also. Scientists are afraid to speak out for fear of suffering the retribution that Dr. Mikovits and others have experienced. Sincere intelligent scientists with the real answers to our health problems are being effectively silenced. However, not everyone is afraid to speak out. Dr Judy Mikovits has written a book called "Plague" that documents her incredible story of deception, betrayal, and intrigue, which has tentacles reaching into the highest levels of government.  Devastating disease continues to spread through the world while high officials in government health agencies continue to cover up the real and potential causes of these diseases. More profits are made on chronically ill people than on those who are healthy. Corporations and supposed nonprofit groups are currently meshed with government as documented in "Plague". The first step in correcting this diabolical mess is to learn about the real and deceptive elements involved. Only then can we begin to correct the situation. We desperately need freedom , truth , and honesty reinstated into science if the human race is to survive. I believe that reading the book Plaque, by authors Kent Heckenlively and Dr. Judy Mikovits is an essential step in the right direction. This book should be read by everyone , including those officials who are complicit in this corruption because they are not immune to these diseases and eventually everyone will be affected.

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The other day when I was shopping for groceries at Bishop's Orchards in Guilford, Connecticut, I ran into the employees preparing for an Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. I happened to have my camera in the car and ran to get it. I was just in time to capture the icy cold waterfall!  After everyone dried out a bit I walked over to the organizer and few of the employees who worked at Bishops and told them that I thought it was great that they were doing this to try and help people in need ......but then I had to add my concerns. I began by sharing the fact that many people who really have neurological Lyme disease are often misdiagnosed with ALS, M.S., Lupus, Parkinson's, Bipolar Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis....etc. I also asked them if they knew of any charity.....any charity at all.....that has ever found a cure.

 Finding a cure is supposed to be a disease charity's main objective....but so far we only have symptomatic treatments. Nobody could think of any charity that has found a cure for any disease. Many of these disease charities , such as the M.S Society, tends to ignore the studies and patients who try to share their misdiagnosis experiences with these charities. The charities continue to focus on symptomatic treatments....instead of cures and prevention....finding the cause. But...finding a cause does not make money so no one funds research into a cause or into prevention.

Instead, what is taking place is that cures and proper prevention are being suppressed while symptomatic treatments, offered by the drug companies, are the only solutions being given. These drugs never address the cause of the disease. In fact none of these diseases supposedly have any definitive tests, causes or cures. ...but are often thrown into the autoimmune category. After I shared my thoughts, the woman who organized the ice bucket challenge said to me that they were NOT donating to the ALS Foundation but were raising awareness and funds for Amanda's Angels.....a local charity.  It was very encouraging to hear that they were helping someone local and knew that their time, money and effort would be well used. Amanda is a woman who found out she had ALS almost immediately after discovering she was pregnant. Now Amanda may or may not have the Lyme disease spirochete or other germ as the cause of her illness. She has been told that her case of ALS is genetic.

However.....what causes our genes to be aberrant and pass through the generations? Science is discovering that the food we eat and the microbes we come into contact with can change our genetics for better or for worse. So...just because we are told that something is genetic...doesn't mean we cannot improve or cure it if we have the proper information on how to do so. But as I mentioned before the drug companies and the charities do not want cures because this would cause them  both to be out of business. So...what is happening is that our society treats only the symptoms of disease, lets the real cause simmer under the surface and to progress to a more serious state.

My thought is......why don't we improve our fundraising efforts by still having fundraising events but donating the funds to either local people in need or to PRIVATE researchers who are NOT affiliated with drug companies or charities (which are probably just arms of the drug companies). We should have some sort of better communications between patients, activists, and researchers to determine what research is really needed and then fundraisers could be conducted accordingly. Unfortunately this takes more effort than just donating to any charity that has a good story or gimmick.

So...the next time you are asked to donate money to a charity...ask whomever is asking for the money...what specific research will be conducted with this money? Will it really be used for finding a cure or will it be used to keep us all sick while only treating the symptoms? Let's let the charities and the drug companies know how we feel! Perhaps if we stop donating to corporate charities and fund private researchers and local people in need......then things might improve.
Thank you Bishop's Orchard for helping out locally!


Lyme Disease has become a worldwide pandemic. This disease is being undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and under-diagnosed around the world. Australia is having a particularly severe problem with the government of Australia denying that Lyme disease even exists in Australia. For some reason the media skips around the severity of this issue and instead focuses on diseases which currently pose no real threat...such as Anthrax, West Nile Virus, SARS, Swine Flu, and even Ebola. Contrary to popular propaganda, acute disease that quickly results in death is not the greatest threat to society. Acute infectious disease is easy to recognize, track, and quarantine which enables health authorities to contain the spread of disease.

A more dangerous and diabolical scenario is........the complete denial of the presence or severity of an infectious disease which is not immediately lethal but that creates disability and further down the road can produce death. Officials have been quoted in government documents as saying that it is more effective to take down a country (destroying its economic fabric) through using disabling agents rather than microbes which quickly kill. It was stated that when a country experiences many disabled people ties up many others in caring for these people and gradually destroys the economy. Drug companies benefit from misdiagnosing disease as autoimmune. So-called autoimmune diseases usually have no known definitive tests, causes or cures....only symptomatic treatments. When only treating the symptoms of disease...the cause of the disease condition goes untreated, simmers and creates more disease in the patient's body, and passes through the population unchecked...which is exactly what is happening. More chronic illness equals more profits for drug companies and more control by governments.

Please read the article below to discover that the Lyme disease pandemic is not just being denied in the United States and Canada but it is reported that Australia is experiencing an even more severe denial and lack of treatment. Citizens are being told that there is no such thing as Lyme disease in Australia despite patients who have positive Lyme serology and DNA tests. Instead of being treated for Lyme disease with antibiotics, citizens are receiving more dangerous drugs which only treat the symptoms of disease labels such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, M.S, Lupus, Parkinson's and many more.........

A False Perception that Lyme Disease is a "Minor Disease".

Recently the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their official Lyme disease statistics. The old statistics indicating that  there are 30,000 new cases of Lyme disease in the US every year have been replaced by a 10 fold higher figure of 300,000 new cases every year. Some health professionals consider that this figure could be too low by a factor of 10.

Taking the figure of 300,000 diagnosed, this represents about 0.1% of the US
population. In comparison, 0.1% of the Australian population (22m) is approximately 22,000. Of course this is an annual diagnosis figure, so over 10 years it equates to about 220,000 new Lyme disease diagnoses.

There are a number of overseas studies showing that the frequency of serum samples positive for Lyme disease using commercial antibody tests is about 3%. This equates to 660,000 Australians possibly having had contact with Lyme disease organisms.

The causative organism responsible for Lyme disease is generally considered to be a member of the Borrelia bacterial family. Borrelia bacteria were first identified in 1959 in Australia by the CSIRO, and there have been other positive reports since that time. The Queensland Health Department recognized Lyme disease in Australia until the early 1990s. Then mysteriously their policy was revised. Around this time the NSW Health Department provided advice that Lyme disease could not be detected in Australian ticks. It has become the dogma in the psyche of the Australian medical system that Lyme disease does not exist in Australia.

Against this backdrop there have been many Australians diagnosed with Lyme disease by serology tests. Estimates would be around 2,000 positive tests in the last 1-2 years. This means that hundreds of thousands have not even had Lyme tests! Now, rather than using antibody tests it is possible to use DNA tests that specifically identify the bacterial species. Identification of Lyme disease in Australia has been identified by these DNA tests. Thus reputed claims attributed to the Chief Medical Officer and others that there is no evidence for Lyme disease in Australia are scientifically incorrect.

Incorrect claims by medical overseers may be considered unethical. These individuals have moral and legal obligations to present scientifically accurate information to patients.

A bill presented in the NSW Parliament by the Greens Party recognizing Lyme disease in Australia was defeated by the Liberal/National and Labor parties. This must rank as one of the most disgraceful and ignorant acts in Australian history and shames these major parties. Considering the enquiry into childhood abuse then there is an even stronger case for a Royal Commission into the mishandling of Lyme disease, and sufferers of medical negligence should be able to provide their stories. Here again the conspiracy of silence has condemned many innocent Australians, and likewise the irresponsible authorities have chosen to do nothing.

The Australian Government has sacrificed thousands of Australians at Gallipoli, the Somme, Singapore, Vietnam, Iraq and Iran, and celebrates these "achievements'. To this can be added the sacrifice of thousands of Lyme disease sufferers (and other misdiagnosed people). Money is being poured into warplanes ($20-30 billion), Anzac celebrations ($300-600 million) and even a race around the Albert Park duck pond ($30 -50 per year). The amount spent on Lyme disease is a big fat zero. At this point the $6
levy for doctor visits can be considered a fee for non-diagnosis and misdiagnosis of hundreds of thousands of Australians.

A person from New Zealand was bitten by a koala at an Australian nature park. This person subsequently suffered tremendously from Lyme disease, and yet the media triumphantly reports the royal family in the near presence of a koala with the ongoing risk of Lyme disease. Nature parks should be legally responsible for the safety of visitors.

Considerable scientific evidence exists that Lyme disease is "associated or the causative agent" for many diseases. This includes chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, autism, arthritis, MS etc. About 90-100% of CFS people in some clinics are Lyme disease positive.  Some Lyme disease sufferers have also been  diagnosed with cancers, and an association between the Lyme bacteria and cancer has been suggested. This association is strengthened by the codiagnosis of Lyme disease and lymphomas.

In summary, Lyme disease is a growing infectious threat in Australia. Medical authorities need to take their collective heads out of the sand and start treating Lyme disease as a serious illness that affects hundreds of thousands of people in Australia.

Dr Ivan Hooper BSC PHD
Down under
Halls Gap

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Connection Between Alzheimer's, Lyme Disease, Cataracts, and Dental Health

                                      AMYLOID PLAQUES IN ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE

First of all, let's establish the connection between Alzheimer's, cataracts, poor dental health (which includes gingivitis,dental cleaning, gum surgery, and root canals), amyloid plaques, oral spirochetes and Lyme spirochetes which may all connect in causing inflammation in the eye and in the brain. It is observed that inflammation from infection causes cataracts and disease of the brain, which includes the amyloid plaques of Alzheimer's disease. This will be a fairly long article with videos, in order to establish these extremely important connections.
Alzheimer's disease, other neuro-degenerative disease, and autoimmune diseases are spreading out of control. In order to stem this tide of sickness and disability, we need to find and treat the ROOT causes instead of only identifying and treating the symptoms. Main stream medicine tells us that they are treating the cause when they prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, etc....which temporarily reduce the inflammation ......But government researchers and the pharmaceutical companies are either innocently or intentionally ignoring the CAUSES of inflammation. Infection with bacteria, fungus, and viruses are obvious causes of inflammation in the brain, the heart, the eye and other parts of the body. By only treating the symptoms of inflammation, instead of treating the cause of inflammation, the medical system creates a market for anti-inflammatory drugs and other drugs which ONLY treat the symptoms. This  practice allows infections to go undiagnosed and untreated and makes the drug companies rich.

While much attention is given to marginal or made up diseases, such as SARS, Swine Flu, West Nile appears that the CDC,  drug companies and other government agencies are intentionally drawing attention away from the serious long term infections which cause Alzheimer's, possibly autoimmune disease, and other neuro-degenerative diseases such as Lupus, M.S, ALS, Fibromyagia, CFS, cataracts...and the list goes on and on. Is anyone noticing that just about everyone in modern society is now sick with one condition or another....conditions which supposedly have no definitive tests, causes, or cures?

The work of Judith Miklossy and Alan McDonald needs to be widely distributed and studied. Judith Miklossy, a Swiss researcher, and Dr. Alan McDonald, an MD and Pathologist, have found  lyme spirochetes and oral spirochetes in the brains of Alzheimer's patients upon autopsy. Here are a  couple links to Miklossy's studies.   and

The work of Alan MacDonald, which coincides with Miklossy's research can be found in the videos at the bottom of this article. The video is in several parts and fairly long but contains vital information.

The following message was written to a group of doctors and researchers who specialize in Lyme disease and the many other infections that ticks can spread. The message is conveying that cataracts can be caused by inflammation and that the microbes that cause this inflammation can also cause dementia. It is thought that cataracts are a good indication that Alzheimer's may develop down the road.

To all;
  Everyone should know the work of Judith Miklossy.  Pubmed it.  Always reference number three.
  The photomicrographs of Alz's brain and those infected by neurospirochetosis are EXACTLY THE SAME. 
  The inflammation from intracellular infection causes the amyloid to accumulate.  This is seen in the eye as a senile cataract.  It was also reported on CBS news last night, as amyloid deposition on the retina, seen 20 years prior to the development of dementia.
  All providers can make eye information, available from the patient's opthalomogist, as a method of tracking long term inflammation treatment, and effects on cataract size changes, as well as the retinal nerve fibrogram.
  Dr. Clem Trempe.......  has found that such treatment of intracellular infection will result in cataract improvement and improvement in cognitive decline.  My review of the records finds improvements in visual acuity about 80 percent of the time.  He also finds 85% positive antibody tests to intracellular infections, with 45% more than a single infection.  (This sounds familiar for those acquainted with the co-infection rate in Lyme.)
  I use information from ILADS to help reverse the cataract decline, as well as the cognitive decline, as Lyme disease is the quintessential, and as far as I can tell, best understood intracellular infection.
  So there is hope.
  We can on our own, individually begin to treat and reverse Alzheimer's. 
  Do not wait for the federal government.
  Do not trust in single interventions.  We know from Lyme that it is best treated with a combined approach.
  Do not stop.  Proceed.  For anyone that wants help in establishing such a clinic, and there are patients who will pay, feel free to reply.
  P. James Seberger, M.D., Ph.D.

Another important factor in the development of dementia may be dental infections and dental work, such as root canals, gingivitis,dental cleaning, and gum surgery , which can create openings in the oral cavity to allow bacteria in the mouth a direct route to the brain, heart, and nervous system. The main point of this article is that bacteria causes inflammation and inflammation causes amyloid plaques which are found in Alzheimer's disease. Also that lyme spirochetes and oral spirochetes (microbes found in the mouth) are two of the probable causes of dementia.

The following are videos concerning the topics above.

The next video is Dr. Nordquist demonstrating the effectiveness of colloidal silver, bleach and then honey with natural herbals on the bacteria in the spaces around the gums. Because it is believed that dementia, heart disease, and other health problems are caused by bacteria in the mouth gaining access to the brain and other parts of the body through dental cleanings or different types of surgeries and root canals, Dr. Nordquist is looking at different methods of cleansing the mouth of bacteria before conducting dental work.

The following book is written by Dr. Nordquist which explains his theories of lyme spirochetes in the mouth and regular oral spirochetes (which have both been found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients) perhaps causing Alzheimer's disease. Think of the huge pandemic of Lyme disease and the many other infections that ticks are now passing to humans....and also think of the number of people who have invasive dental procedures, AND the growing number of people with Alzheimer's. These  issues seem to coincide. I believe this is a very important book. My personal lyme story includes gum surgery and a slowly developing and debilitating illness....which after 8 years of suffering was found to be Lyme disease. I don't remember a specific tick bite at the time I became ill but did have many tick bites previous to my gum surgery. When the Lyme disease was treated with long term combination antibiotic therapy....many of my symptoms disappeared, including extreme cognitive issues of concentration, poor memory, and a lack of organizational abilities. I have brain SPECT scans which show the progression and improvement of the Lyme disease in correlation with antibiotic treatment and discontinuation of treatment. The radiologist wrote that the lack of blood flow to certain parts of my brain were consistent with an Alzheimer's brain. So...treating the infection vastly improved my cognitive problems...if seen in elderly people would be labeled as dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease in the modern world. It is becoming very obvious that we need to understand more about it. How is it spread? Can the Lyme disease pathogen be spread from person to person? The CDC doesn't think so but clinical evidence and new studies indicate otherwise.
The statement below in red came from the CDC website.  There are many couples who have both become ill with Lyme disease and due to their exposure circumstances, claim that the disease was  sexually transmitted from one partner to the other. Some Lyme literate doctors treat both sexually active partners when one has a known case of Lyme disease. 

Syphilis is a spirochete as is Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease. They both behave in similar ways. The Syphilis pathogen is sexually transmissible so it follows that it is a possibility that Borrelia burgdorferi may also be sexually transmitted....especially due to the fact that this pathogen has been found in vaginal secretions and in the new study below indicates. If this disease is sexually transmitted it does not necessarily mean that the the partner whom the germ was transmitted to will become sick. It all seems to depend on the individual's immune system.

Not enough studies are being done to investigate transmission issues and government agencies seem to be excessively slack with the research in the areas of transmission of Lyme disease through sexual intercourse and from mother to fetus. For more information on transmission of Lyme disease from mother to baby, please go to the bottom of this post.

It seems irresponsible to me for the CDC to claim irrefutably there is no evidence that Lyme disease can be transmitted from person to person. Remember though that the transmission of the pathogen does not necessarily mean that the receiver of the germ will become ill. People can harbor a germ and remain well as long as their body's immune defense is up to par.

 CDC Statement

A passion for organics picture frame"Are there other ways to get Lyme disease?

  • There is no evidence that Lyme disease is transmitted from person-to-person. For example, a person cannot get infected from touching, kissing or having sex with a person who has Lyme disease."

The following is a study which shows that it is possible for Lyme disease to be transmitted sexually
"SAVE THE DATE!  7th Annual Medical-Scientific Conference on Morgellons 
March 29th and 30th, 2014  Austin, TX

CONTROL ID: 1848565
CONTACT (NAME ONLY): Raphael Stricker
CURRENT CATEGORY: Infectious Diseases

AUTHORS (FIRST NAME, LAST NAME): Marianne J. Middelveen1, Cheryl Bandoski2, Jennie Burke3, Eva Sapi2, Peter J. Mayne4, Raphael B. Stricker5
INSTITUTIONS (ALL): 1. Atkins Veterinary Services, Calgary, AB, Canada. 
2. University of New Haven, West Haven, CT, United States. 
3. Australian Biologics, Sydney, NSW, Australia. 
4. Laurieton Medical Centre, Laurieton, NSW, Australia. 
5. CPMC, San Francisco, CA, United States. 
Purpose of Study: Recent reports indicate that more than 300,000 cases of Lyme disease are diagnosed yearly in the USA. Previous epidemiological and immunological studies suggest that infection with the Lyme disease spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi could be transferred from person to person via intimate human contact without a tick vector (Harvey and Salvato, Med Hypotheses 2003;60:742; Stricker et al, J Investig Med 2004;52:S151). Detecting viable spirochetes in vaginal and seminal secretions would provide additional evidence to support this hypothesis.

Methods Used: Three North American patients with a history of Lyme disease, one male and two female, were selected for the study after informed consent was obtained. Serological testing for B. burgdorferi was performed on all three subjects. Blood and semen or vaginal secretions were used to inoculate BSK-H medium for Borrelia culture. Motile spirochetes were detected in cultures by light and/or darkfield microscopy, and cultured spirochete concentrates were subjected to Dieterle silver staining, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and anti-B. burgdorferi immunohistochemical staining for further characterization. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing was performed by two independent laboratories for specific identification of the cultured isolates. Positive and negative controls for immunohistochemical staining and PCR were performed in all experiments.

Summary of Results: Serum antibodies to B. burgdorferi were detected in all three patients. Motile spirochetes were observed in culture fluid inoculated with blood and genital secretions from the three subjects. Morphological features of spirochetes were confirmed by Dieterle staining, SEM and immunohistochemical staining of culture concentrates. PCR testing confirmed that the spirochetes isolated from blood and genital secretions were strains of B. burgdorferi, and PCR subtyping indicated that the strains were B. burgdorferi sensu stricto.

Conclusions: The culture of viable B. burgdorferi in genital secretions suggests that Lyme disease could be transmitted by intimate contact from person to person."

Journal of Investigative Medicine

For a bit further explanation of this study see

The Infectious Disease Society of America claims that there is no proof that Lyme disease can be transmitted from mother to fetus. Here is an important article that completely refutes this unscientific statement.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

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The seriousness and widespread nature of the Lyme Disease and Co-infection pandemic is being denied in every country where it is present. General opinion claims that this odd state of affairs is due to the medical profession's inability or slowness to accept new ideas and the presence of new disease. I don't buy this excuse. What about SARS, Swine Flu, West Nile Virus, etc etc. The medical community seems to have no problems accepting the scare propaganda associated with these diseases which are claimed to be affecting many. I don't know of anyone with these diseases...but I personally do know of hundreds who are very very ill with Lyme disease, Babesia, bartonella, mycoplasma fermentens, erlichia...etc. All of these pathogens can be passed through one tick bite. This fact is known by medical officials in the CDC, NIH...and the Infectious Disease Society of America...however most doctors are not instructed to look for these microbes in patients. Most patients are just given a diagnosis or meaningless label of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia...etc......with no effort to try and identify the causes of these disease labels which are basically just identifying the symptoms which results in only treating the symptoms instead of the cause(s).

What is now happening in Australia has also been taking place in the United States and other countries. Doctors who are trying to treat patients appropriately, by discovering and treating the CAUSE....are being systematically investigated and restricted when it comes to treating Lyme disease and the coinfections which are also passed on by ticks and other blood sucking insects. Many doctors have already lost their licenses to practice medicine. 

One Bill was passed in Connecticut which had the similar outcome as the orders or restrictions below which are being imposed on a legitimate doctor in Australia who specializes in treating Lyme, Chronic fatigue Syndrome and other mysterious chronic illnesses. The Connecticut Bill stated that if a patient was still sick after receiving the standard length of antibiotic treatment prescribed by their general practitioner...then in order to get further treatment the patient's GP could no longer order further treatment but the patient would have to see either a neurologist or an infectious disease specialist for their opinion as to whether or not they needed more treatment. This may sound like an OK idea on the surface but what we found in Connecticut was that the opinions of most neurologists and infectious disease specialists were seemingly controlled and functionally worthless to chronically ill patients. Rarely would one of these specialists prescribe further antibiotic treatment even if the treatment had been slowly helping the patient...but just wasn't quite enough yet.

Apparently these specialists are either NOT taught the extensive symptom complex of tick-borne infections OR they are somehow coerced into not diagnosing Lyme disease. Part of the problem is the inaccuracy of testing for Lyme and co-infections. There are over 300 strains of Borrelia that can cause Lyme disease but only several are tested for. This organism also changes form which affects diagnosis.The Lyme organism also forms biofilms which can hide the bacteria from antibiotics and testing.

To try and sum up this situation...(as I could go on forever speaking of the many many inconsistencies surrounding the Lyme disease conspiracy)the system has been set up to block the proper diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease and MISS or to leave untreated much of the chronically ill population. Chronically ill people who do not die are a constant source of profit for the medical industry and chronically ill people are also much easier to control when dependent on the the medical industry and sometimes the State. 
Yes there are natural ways to HELP treat chronic Lyme disease but what most alternative doctors, patients and Lyme specialists have discovered is that due to the extremely persistent nature of the Lyme disease bacteria, antibiotics are also needed...sometimes long term.

Read the message below that was posted to a private doctors' email list ...and see for yourself the restrictions and loss of patient privacy that are being imposed on the population of our ever increasing globalized and controlled planet. The video at the top show Dr. Ladhams speaking about Lyme disease before he had the restrictions below placed upon him and his patients. Let's stand up for our inherent right to decide for ourselves what treatment we need! High prices of medical care and the seeming necessity of insurance coverage  seems to be the main force behind our enslavement or dependency to the medical system. What are we going to do about it....let's put our thinking caps on! Healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent much of the chronic illness we are experiencing, however, we also need investigation into the many ties of the medical industry and into the genetic engineering of microbes and the insect vectors that host these microbes.
 Read the Restrictions below...It's just unbelievable

Well now its happening here in Australia. Dr Ladhams from Qld has just been notified of restrictions on his right to practice medicine by our national authority APHRA the registration body. Specifically it states:

On 20 December 2013, the Medical Board of Australia (the Board) imposed the following conditions on the registration of Dr Andrew Ladhams (the practitioner)):
1. The practitioner must not treat Lyme disease in any patient without first obtaining an opinion from an infectious disease specialist who is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians (FRACP) which:
a. states the patient suffers with Lyme disease , and
b. prescribes the treatment regimen to be followed by the practitioner.
2. The practitioner must not request the insertion of nor insert a peripherally inserted central catheter or any other form of central venous catheter into any patient.
3. The practitioner must not provide treatment to any patient which may cause a Jarisch- Herxheimer response to such treatment outside of a licensed hospital at which the practitioner holds credentials to perform such treatment.
4. Within 7 (seven) days of these conditions being imposed, the practitioner must notify all partners/employers/employees/colleagues in his practice and every person who is, or may be, responsible for booking consultations with the practitioner, of these conditions.
5. An AHPRA representative for the Board will contact and exchange information with the practitioner’s employer/ partners/colleagues in his practice and every person who is, or may be, responsible for booking consultations with the practitioner, at such time or times as the Board or its representative shall determine for the purpose of monitoring the practitioner’s compliance with these conditions.
6. The Medicare Program, Department of Human Services, Australia and Private Health Insurance Funds are required to provide information to the Board or its representatives about the practitioner’s practice of his profession.
7. The practitioner must allow an AHPRA representative for the Board to access, inspect and copy his patient records, including but not limited to appointment diaries and prescribing records at his practice locations for the purpose of monitoring his compliance with the conditions.

Of course there is no lyme in Australia.
 Of course it cant come in from overseas.
 Of course every infectious disease doc in the country is on a par with IDSA perspectives. No one gets a diagnosis of lyme.

There is a lot of fuss about a patient having focal tonic clonic reactions as part of herx during IVI treatment. I am standing up and saying I see this too. Am I next? Maybe?

So half behind the scenes ACIDS has formed in Australia in the past 5 months and now has 55 members. That stands for Australian Chronic Infectious Disease Society. Several are also members of ILADS. We accept the rejects of ID docs.

Today the society issues the following statement:

We in ACIDS believe infectious disease doctors in this country have not been proactive enough in diagnosing chronic lyme, bartonella and babesia infections in patients in Australia and in particular have been totally blind to the possibility of endemic infections to the point of denial. 
We point out that Murtaghs General Practice handbook has acknowledged the existence of lyme disease on this continent for years.

 We announce that we are taking over this area of medicine and are available to ID doctors who need our advice in these areas. We cordially invite such doctors to join with us.

This won't make certain elements of the profession here very happy but we are going to stand tall on this issue. 

Dr Peter Mayne

Laurieton Medical Centre
Laurieton NSW
+61 2 6559 9277

Tuesday, December 17, 2013



Many people today are concerned about the safety of vaccines in general. What are the long term side effects? No long term studies have been conducted....that the public has been made aware of. Are we the long term covert studies? What  long term effects does the artificial hyper-activation of the immune system cause? Vaccines do include ingredients to hyper-activate the immune system. It's not a far stretch to suppose or conclude that this unnatural method of immune activation could cause autoimmune disease which is a hyper-activation of the immune system. Could this be one of the reasons or THE reason why autoimmune disease has exponentially risen in the population in conjunction with increased numbers of required vaccines?

I'm bringing up the subject of vaccines because many people were harmed by the Lymerix vaccine for Lyme disease....that was marketed a few years back. It was known to Smithkline Beecham that 30% of the population had a specific genetic susceptibility and could react to the Lymerix vaccine with a lyme arthritis that would be untreatable...but this information was not shared openly with the public! I personally spoke to several people who had received the vaccine and now they have what is called"fibromyalgia" 

I also attended a Lyme Disease conference put on by the Lyme disease Foundation a few years back...after the Lymerix vaccine had been on the market and had harmed many people. There was a Smithkline Beecham representative attending who gave a presentation. The audience of doctors, patients and activists expected that this rep would share some safety data and side effects of the vaccine. However, his whole presentation was about Lyme rashes and no mention was made of the vaccine. At the end of the presentation a doctor stood up and expressed this concern. He asked what some of the side effects of the vaccine were. The representative had the gaul to stand there and say that there had been no significant side effects  reported. The whole audience groaned and several doctors got up and walked out.
Lyme disease has been in the news lately spurred by a press release put out by the CDC. Normally the lyme community has found the CDC to downplay the seriousness of the detriment of many lyme patients. It's interesting that all of a sudden ...according to the CDC... Lyme is a very serious disease and a new Lyme disease vaccine is in the wings. What are the real financial connections between the CDC and Lyme vaccines?

It's also interesting that when people acquire Lyme disease from a tick and recover, that this infection evidently does not prevent the body from coming down with Lyme again from another tickbite. In other words the infection does not seem to create immunity like with most other diseases. I am not a scientist so maybe someone reading this could post a comment as to how then a lyme vaccine could provide immunity. The following recent article expresses many of my concerns

Lyme disease vaccination: safety first
In the Article by Nina Wressnigg and colleagues1 and the related Comment by Paul Lantos2 describing a novel Lyme vaccine, the authors attempt to avoid discussion of the side-effects of the previous Lyme vaccine, LYMErix (SmithKline Beecham, Pittsburgh, USA). This approach to safety issues bodes ill for the new Lyme vaccine candidate.
LYMErix was put on the market in 1998 and withdrawn by the manufacturer in 2002, ostensibly because of poor sales. However, the so-called poor sales were related to safety concerns raised in a class-action lawsuit by more than 400 patients who claimed that they developed Lyme-like symptoms after vaccination with LYMErix.3, 4 Subsequent studies showed that outer surface protein A (OspA), the antigenic component of Borrelia burgdorferi used to create both LYMErix and the new candidate vaccine, induced joint-reactive and nerve-reactive antibodies in animals and human beings vaccinated with the protein antigen.3—6 Even more disturbing, other studies indicated that LYMErix induced reactivity against multiple target antigens that were never characterised, and these studies called into question the OspA specificity of the vaccine.7, 8 By withdrawing LYMErix when it did, the manufacturer avoided releasing phase 4 post-marketing data that probably would have shown increased side-effects related to the vaccine.9 The data have never been disclosed, and this lack of disclosure has fostered persistent patient mistrust of Lyme vaccine manufacturers.
Wressnigg and colleagues provide minimum safety data about the new OspA-based Lyme vaccine, whereas Lantos glosses over the “largely unsubstantiated safety concerns” about LYMErix. Adoption of this view by Lyme vaccine manufacturers, regulators, and promoters has shaken patient confidence in Lyme vaccines despite the fact that this patient population is generally pro-vaccination.10 Any new Lyme vaccine will need extensive safety testing, more transparency about side-effects, and improved patient communication on the part of the vaccine manufacturer to allay valid patient concerns about safety.4, 10 Let's hope that history does not repeat itself because Lyme vaccine manufacturers, regulators, and promoters once again underestimate or ignore justified patient concerns about Lyme vaccination risks.
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